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Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

I recently completed converting a gas Cateye to Electric
Was a easy conversion and recommend it to anyone wanting
a larger pocketbike than the Razor 200 or the Honda minimoto.
I will show pics to compare sizes.

(1) Cateye complete It actually ran with the engine $30
(4) 12volt12 amp batterys $120
(1) LB37 controller 48 volt (800 to 1500 watts) 50 amp rated $40
NOTE:I did not order the yk42 because I heard it
would drain the power much faster
(1) 13 tooth 8mm sprocket $10
NOTEI also ordered a 9 or 10 tooth but havent tried it.
(1) Thumb Control throttel $10
Note: I also tried the twist grip but interfears
with breaking operation, You would just have to
see for yourself. Breaking is very important on this bike.
(4) inline fuses and all 10 gauge wire $20
(1) 1000 watt 48 volt motor with Motor mount $120
(2) 9.6 rc batterys wired in parrallel for existing electronics $10
Lights horn blinkers etc.
THe output voltage is 11 volts once charged.
Weighs about 5 or 6 ounces (Very Light)
4 foot Aluminum angle and self tapping screws to $15
make my battery mounts.
Note:Self tapping 1 inch long screws very easy screw
into steel framework with no predrilling. And remove very easy.
very easily.
(1) 5 or 10 amp rated rocker on/off button to wire to the
lock harness on the controller. Any on and off will do.
THe harness wires on the lock are 22 gauge or so,
so the lock size really does not matter. $5
(1) 48 volt XLR Charger with cooling fan $40
NOTE the out put on this charger is 48 volts 3.0 amps
a very fast charger we can ride this bike hard andcharge it
in about 2 hours. (SO FAR)
(1) XLR Female receptical
(1) New Taillight and blinker assmbley From TNC (12Volt) $7
(2) new keys made for ignition $4

Total on all $450

The bike weighed about 50LBs prior to electronics
frame tires fairings chains etc.
batterys weigh about 8 lbs per total 32 pounds
motor weighs about 10 pounds
misc. weight about 7 or 8 pounds
The total weight of the bike is now about 102 lbs.

I also originally had a 12 volt 8amp battery
running the existing electronics This has been
removed and replace with the 9.6 Rc batteries in parallel.
Reduced weight by 7 or 8 lbs.

Also I wired an additional 12 volt 10 amp battery to the
bike and slightly overvolted it. I guess It made
a small difference but not enough to justify the
extra weight and the pain in the but of charging up after rides.
I added quick diconnects and reconnects and only took a minute or so
I removed the extra battery and wiring and it is a stock 48 volt.
With 5 batterys installed the voltage on my meter was 67 volts.

Testing the bike
The measured voltage is 54 volts (brand new batterys fully charged)
The bike can go very easily 6 to 8 miles and maintain power and speed.
This is aroun my block 1.4 miles (revolution) I have gone around the block
5 times in a row before parking and charging
about a 1o to 15 percent decline down my street and a 15 to 20 %
incline coming back up the other street.

After hard use as this the motor is slightly warm (Not Hot at all)
The controller is slightly warm

The brakes are very hot

This is why I decided to keep everything at its rated capacity
I figure this will make my bike last a very long time.
NOTE When I overvolted the bike I made 2 runs around the block
and felt the engine and controller (A little more warmer, But not hot)
And the speed felt slightly increased ( but the handling was a little
more comprimised and the kids want even go full throttel down the street
at 48 volts. TOO FAST. It just makes since on this setup to keep it stock 48 volts and keep everything running without stress.

Speed ??? THe Razor stock 500 goes about 15 The Razor 750 engine
makes it down the street about 25% faster(probley about 19 mph) The Cateye with me on it
(i Weigh about 160) makes it down the street about twice as quick
as the razor 750 So i would say about 27 or 28 MPH.(with 160 added lbs.)
THe kids will not full throttel this bike continious, THey just dont feel safe
but I suspect wide open with 1 of my 65 pound 10 year old it would
go 30 to 32. Once they feel comfortable I will measure speed.

Future upgrades on this bike are to make a steel motor mount.
Right now I have a 2 1/4 thick birch plywood motor mount.
This mount works great and was easy to machine and mount
And has a lot of flexibility as far as finly tuning the angle and the
staightness of the motor with the chain but I am going to have a steel one welded on. But the plywood is very stout.

One of my kids is a huge LSU Fan. I had to. Next cateye will be all black

Im thinking ACDC BACK IN BLACK 60 volt
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File Type: jpg Sam and emmy.jpg (74.2 KB, 59 views)
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File Type: jpg mo pics.jpg (66.9 KB, 62 views)
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Nice cateye conversion! I know what you mean about the brakes getting very hot, i have the same problem with mine. Eventually I can see some sort of better battery going into this bike though.
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Cop, pulled me over today in my Dodge Ram (no No Hemi)
anyway I had a super long ladder that had no flag.
He quoted the law on the length that could exceed a pickup
on the far right side and determined mine exceeded it.
I measured it for him. (how nice was that)
Any way he let me off and only ticketed me because my
insurance papers in the truck were not 4 days current.
Dosent matter I have current insurance Just have to go to court.
I tried to talk him into following me to the house but was a no go.
Anyway we got to talking about Radar, and his car has radar in
the front and back and has agreed to come and radar all the
bikes 5 of them and the powerwheels vehicles .
Hes real proud of his radar. I hope he dosent write 5 or 6
tickets because of speed/ insurance/ tags headlights etc.
I will post results
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Man you gotta be an engineer to do all that....nice ride.
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

bad azz crush
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

did you ever get it radared?
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

No Radar, But the schwinn speedometer claims 33.8 with stock setup,
we added a 5th battery and hit 37.1 got a video that i will load soon.
BUt now I am doing something different with the bike motor.

THe reason is that the cateye does not handle very well.
It feels like your riding a pig or a hog or something. Not that I
actually know. But thats the first thing that came to mind,
too try and describe (how the bike handels).

Any way will post a new project soon.
THanks for the response. Always appreciated.
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

It almost looks like in the 2nd pic its some kind of go kart clutch system? Or is there a freewheel mechanism on the rear tire?
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Freewheel and sprocket . The gray plate on the outer
portion is used for break housing if you reversed the chain to the otherside.
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Nice setup. I actually have the full 36V electric version of that bike. I am currently modding it using a 48V 7000W RC plane motor. I should be able to break 40 MPH with the new setup (depending on gear ratios). I plan on welding in a new motor plate for the motor then painting or powder coating the frame. You going Black? I was thinking painting the frame flourcent green and the fairings black like the monster energy motorcycle.
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Re: Cateye 1000 Complete with pics

Awesome, so the LB37 controller can take 67v!!!! Great news. I'm going to get one and test how many amps it REALLY pulls. I think 50 is optimistic.
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