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Re: MX650 mods?

Hi Filitup!
Yes, Aproldan is right, I took my son's regular mx500(500w 36v) and turned it into a MX1200 Monster(48v 1200w motor).
Expert? Ok, well you forgot to tell Filitup I got most of my expertise from the master, aproldan himself... LOL ! I just honed aproldan's advice, and engineered it a bit further...
According to your note in the forum, and it seems you are about to buy a mx650(or did you already buy one?). If you have not already bought it, you could save a bunch of $$ by buying a mx500, and upgrading that one(The mx650 is >$100 more than the mx500). If you are going to upgrade to a "monster" mx1200 (or mx750), then you are basically paying >$100 for yellow paint.. LOL. *The only differences from the mx500 to mx650 is the paint color and, the mx650 has a 650w motor(the mx 500 has a 500w...)
So, the first question is, are you willing to spend the time to(and are you able to) "re-fabricate" the rear swing arm, to fit the large 1200w motor - this option requires cutting & welding(*I can send pictures of mine, and help you through the steps)? Or, would you rather go with the 750w motor, which is the biggest that will fit right in, with out modifying the rear swing arm?

(*check out my son's mx1200 vids on youtube. search for "mkroberge")
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