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Re: MX650 mods?

Originally Posted by filitup View Post
alright! thanks. and wehen you mean swing arm you mean the back part of the bike?

Sorry im new to this. Is there a way to prolong performance time?

Yes, the silver rear part of the bike that holds the motor & rear tire. It "swings" as the rear shock compresses, thus a "swing arm"...

Ride time performance: To get more ride time, you need bigger batteries, but this equals more weight(you don't want), and more room(you don't have). There might be "better" batteries, but they probably cost a fortune. Ideas aproldan?

*A higher ratio(less top speed, but more torque/quicker acceleration) also gives longer ride time. I believe this is due to the motor requires less amps to "GO". Can you expand on this aproldan?

*But this is electric and batteries can only do so much, so you won't see drastic gains - no mater what you do.. If you want to ride all day,
I think you will have to go Gas... :-(

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