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Re: MX650 mods?

Originally Posted by aproldan View Post
ok i just read up on the mx650 and the mx500... basically the same bike like miker71 first posted... the replacement parts are the exact.... only one difference is the mx500 has a weight limit of 175lbs. where the mx650 has a weight limit of 220lbs. so miker71 is right, your really paying extra for the color... it still has a 500watt in both... even thou the yellow on looks pretty cool but not worth paying extra....


I think the MX650 does come with a 650w motor…. Several months ago, I was on the phone with Razor for warranty parts, and I asked the rep about the differences in the MX650. He said the Yellow paint and a 650w motor was the only difference, and that the bigger motor allowed for bigger/heaver riders.
*But I will agree that searching on the web for info shows neither the 500 or 650 bikes are documented consistently..
* I just got this pic off of the Amazon.com web site. I think it is a picture of the MX650 box. It says here, it has a 650w motor, too….
*Regardless, an extra $100 for 150watts and yellow paint is a poor deal! But, if that’s all Filitup can buy without driving too far, than that’s what he should probably get..

*I still wonder if it is really a 650w motor, or is it a 750w motor, because the unite motor web site does not show a 650w motor????

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