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Re: How To: Remove electric starter from Piston Ported 2 Stroke Engine.

Originally Posted by tehman07 View Post
THANKS for your help and if i take off the electric pull starter can i just take it off and put the manual pull starter on it? will that be OK or i cant do that?
and also what kind of gas should i use for my bike i really want my engine to fix so i can run the bike im glad for your help.
You can get it to work either way the only thing is the orientation of the pullstarter will change if you decide to totally delete the e-starter altogether so if you have a bodykit on it-it will matter............

You will need to devise a way to make a crankshaft stud and the best way would be to get the rectangular pawl and pullstarter for that...

If you have a tap and die set you can cut the 2 1/2" long stud down and rethread it to be able to secure the round GSmoon type pawl to the crankshaft end.........

Its faster and easier to just gut the whole thing and put it back together using the armature shaft,starter body,pullstarter shim,pullstarter pawl,pawl bolt and pullstarter and tossing the armature with windings,commutator,magnets and brushes in the trashbin..........

Optimal fuel would be to use ethanol free 91 octane fuel mixed to 40:1....If youre gonna use pumpgas get a 2 stroke oil with an ethanol stabilizer and use Premium fuel...

Good Luck


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