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Re: 49cc mini Harley chopper scooter

Originally Posted by Seattlehawk56 View Post
Anyone know how I can get more horsepower out of my scooter
Of course we do and so do you......You were told a few times what to do.and given a couple choices too..Try going back into your many threads on your bike and read through and find it....it could also be in one of your pm's..

You were told way early about proper mods to avoid threads with answers like this but I guess I should've waited for the in-evidable because I knew it is was going to be overlooked and asked again like it was never answered before....it's typical of those in denial or think I know nothing but being a member here 10 years with 19,000 posts that helped thousands and thousands of others doesn't mean squat I guess....

What's funny was when I mentioned the whole rundown to getting 3.5-4hp out of your whimpy 1.6hp engine you said your wife judt wanted a lil more uumph to climb hills and were content on a gear change and didn't care about losing topend speeds but I guess you thought I was BSing you about them facts like I just get my experience from finding cracker jack prizes,....

The answer isn't gonna change and I'm tired of repeating myself. .Learn how to Port an engine or buy a bigger 4 stroke model...

My bet is you're just gonna leave it as is after you re-read what the real mods to building real power involves using hand tools and a Dremel..

My recommendation would be to call MrKitty or contact Boosted306(Sam) and see who can bump up your power problem...

Good Luck ...


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