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Re: 49cc mini Harley chopper scooter

Originally Posted by MrKitty View Post
where going into summer now i would say ride it how it is ( stock) then when the snow hits again ( im not taking on any more major projects now its camping/rideing season ) you can bring me the engine and ill rebuild it for horsepower for you its going to take me at least a month or two i only work on pocket bikes for an hr or so a day its a hobby for me plane on spending some real money $$$ (all engines are a pay to play thing) on it to all them little parts add up quick when your purchasing quality American and Japanese bearings and seals from local shops not purchasing china sh1t online

its not easy or cheap to go throw and replace all that china sh1t with good parts if it was every one would have a pocket bike making 5 or 6 horse power keep in mind you have about 1.5 horse power stock all the bolt on parts in the world are not going to remove the horse power robing friction of your china internals...

try what we said to do first in the past threads to get you throw summer every little bit helps.

Them mods literally take me 3 hour's to do...it takes like 25 mins with 1/4" drive 18v impact gun to disassemble the whole entire engine..


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