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Re: B1 rep flat spot

Originally Posted by jak_e_lee View Post
It's just a tad slow on the pick up at times then boom....it kicks in full on!
Great bike every other way,solid handling,no leaks from the pump either.
I was thinking of inspecting the reed block gasket and if it's ok...a rejet down a size or also use a good quality 2 t oil as I'm using basically chain saw 2t at the minute.
It really kicks in hard when it does go,hard enough to lift the wheel off the deck
There's parameters the reps must meet in order to run good and that is if the ports are all in the right places too...

Look at the specs of a real euro engine...if your engine doesn't even come close to the specs then you have some work to do...

Alls I'll say coming from where I use them in 7-8ft long fiberglass r/c boats the reps need the squish tightened up,,crankcase blueprinted aswell as getting the carburetor setup right with correct atomizer tube ,needle,barrel and jetting..

The rpm your clutch engages at matters too....On euro engines the clutch engeges at 8k......

Good Luck

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