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Re: B1 rep flat spot

Originally Posted by EPR View Post
The problem is there Junk. I have a 50cc C1, if it's not one thing its another. Might need a coil. Did some one put a 19mm Clone Dell PHBG carb on it.
It all looks totally standard to me around the engine.
At 40-1...im possibly using too much oil is a thought i had,50-1 is whats specified for it.
When it goes...it really hammers on,you gotta hold on tight,lol
Its just something basic im missing somewhere.
Start with basics...will get good silkolene 2t oil and go 50-1 is my first thing to try.
Currently using comma mineral 2t bought from the gas station.
At 40-1 ,could be oiling the plug!
Carby is 15mm dellorto clone
I know the carby is nice and clean as is my fuel filter and air filter and the plugs new so its gonna be something basic that heals it,it is after all a real basic single cylinder engine

Keep er lit

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