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Re: Project "3-3-3"Triple Reverse Trike Build-up Build #3

Somehow...I forgot to add these pictures....LOL

Heres how the wheels on a dual wheel mini harley lays out in the pics below...

Also pictured below are the two couplers used to link both rear wheels together..

I also took the acetylene tirch heated up tge hubs to liquify the chinese loctite and the screws easily came out..............

Bearings were removed too because Im going with better quality bearings on all 3 wheels........

Another thing to note is the other 2 tires have rims that can be drilled for a sprocket then the rear drum brake lhub can be removed and a set of disc brake adapters can be screwed on....

On some pictures you can see the fixture I use to sucessfully drill the holes perfectly every time..

The 6" front wheel from the Electra mini harley will become the rear wheel for the mini drift trike ...

It will also be drilled so it can have two drive chains coming off the jackshaft to transfer the fierce power of the modified Predator engine Im installing to both sides of the rear rim evenly lol..........

Last picture shows the culmination of how its gonna be melded........Theres gonna be a stretched rear swingarm too........

Right now Im working out the length detail to get a nice drift arc without having to oversteer,,,...
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