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Re: Condition of clutch

Originally Posted by EPR View Post
A new C1 clone clutch is $20 or less. You can put Blata or Polini springs on your clone clutch
The same deal with the cag clutches applies with the clone rep parts aswell.

if you disassemble the clutch and weigh each arm seperately youll see weights that differ alot more than the acceptable weight limits between the heaviest and the lightest,

Problem is the chinese metallurgy...Its not entirely exact when they make their alloys so the weights differ because of this.

Another thing to note if it hasnt been covered already is pre-baking the clutchpads to fully cure the adheisive bonding that secures the pad to the shoe.

Before you reassemble the clutch it would be wise to change the clutch housing bearing plus take 80-100 grit sandpaper to deglaze aswell as roughen the bell.

Any old pad material glazed onto the drum will make faster destruction of your new clutch than normal.

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