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Re: Condition of clutch

Originally Posted by Chrisi View Post
the next step in the modification of the china clutch, is to cut a m 4 thread in the base plate at the side of the arms of the clutch in order to install small m 4 worm screws there. So you can adjust the distance of the coupling arms. The diameter of the Chinaclutches is usually 75-77mm and that is not enough for a good function. The best performance is achieved with 0.5 - 1mm distance to the bell and it can also be compensated for the wear without a small bell.
I found it takes a keen balance to dial them in...

A larger gap requires lighter spring pressures.It also allows the power to hit alot harder from a dead standstill aswell as midrange punch.......

Once youve mastered the formula between diameter size,spring type and clutch arm weight alls you have to do is keep replicating it over and over.

I know guys who will run a clutch a certain amount of race heats then swap out for another new clutch then the half worn clutches are reworked to operate flawlessly on its decline to maximize clutch life.
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