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Re: X1 Transmission help

Originally Posted by Zlash03 View Post
Bought this thing a while ago with plans to fix it up. Quite a few parts broken/missing. Replaced everything but one of the things missing was the trans. Didnt really think about it and I ordered a regular little trans thinking it would work. It does, But it runs the bike in reverse. Not a huge loss, only $30 and may be useful later down the line in other projects so not all is lost.

Any body have an idea what trans I actually need or if any are even available anymore? Maybe somebody could sell me one? Would hate for the little thing to go to waste because I cant find a trans it needs. Ive tried to read up and I see theres different ones, CVT and regular but I hear the CVT is a pain to install. Really not interested in the CVT if its avoidable. Thoughts?
Welcome to the site...It appears you have bought the Pocketquad/X7/Pocket dirtbike transmission...

The X1 transmission reverses so when mounted makes the bike run forwards....

It may be your lucky day though as it appears you have an X2 and could use a much better CVT transmission

I know the plastics say X1 but that engine is mounted all the way forwards and it has a TF-8mm chain....X1's come with a bicycle type chain.

Does the exhaust pipe have an expansion chamber?


You can get one from ebay...https://www.ebay.com/itm/49cc-X1-X2-...QAAOxy79JRgxkA


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