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Re: X1 Transmission help

Originally Posted by Zlash03 View Post
Thats a sick pipe! I sent the seller on ebay a message, hopefully they'll respond with a price and not that they are out of stock or something. I see a lot of sellers put an insane price on things when theyre out of stock to hold the listing up for some reason.

Heres the deal...the US govt is squeezing out chinese made pocketbikes,,,euro made ones too...Most of the sellers on ebay use the higher price technique to throw off the fact they sell china pocketbike parts but it literally goes to bite them in the tookus when they get charged a percentage of the huge pricetag...LOL

In the feedback area you will see what others paid...

Theres also another place called racemotorparts.com....try them out....

2 stroke 49cc pocket bike X2 and X8 CVT Gearbox, racemotorparts.com

Thanks about the pipe....Its called a fatty pipe...it looks a lot better than it performs but after its modified to work right it works excellently... 2 stroke 49cc pocket bike X1 , X2 Fat Pipe, racemotorparts.com

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