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Re: X1 Transmission help

Originally Posted by Zlash03 View Post
I remember reading about that somewhere. No more 2 strokes due to al gore or something lol. All I'm able to find/buy is 4 strokes now. Why they thought it was a good idea to ban 2 stroke mini bikes is beyond me. Most garden tools are 2 stroke and half of them use close to the same, if not the exact same motor these do. People put chainsaw motors on these bikes does the re-purposing of the engine make it illegal??? Seems like a direct attack on the bikes only.

Its mainly AlGores agenda....Its like Apple....They start a chatroom then the hackers gloat about finding security vulnerabilities and the Apple techs who monitor the site get right on working on an update patch fix on the quickness..

These engines were never designed for vehicles with wheels...They were originally tool based engines.....An engine under load consumes alot more fuel.The heavier the load the more fuel it consumes.......…

So in answer to your question it technically does make it illegal to install a tool based engine on a two wheeled vehicle as the tool will see lesser useage and also in an unmodified state burns alot lesser fuel than one on two wheels modified to go as fast as possible loaded with a human instead of being carried by a human doing useful things....

Its a known fact that motorbikes n motorcycles are the bigger air polluters over cars..Its also a known fact we burned way more coal and forest wood 200-300 years ago...they built log cabins everywhere too...LOL...…we had such huge industries that burned so much AlGore would've killed himself witnessing it....LOL….LOL

Little does AlGore realize once you pass the tipping point by reducing carbon too much its harder to right thw wrongs created,,,,I guess he likes all the floods n such that's happened lately a lot better..LOL

When there were more 2 stroke boat engines on the water algae blooms were very very very rare.....Now they happen more often and have gotten a lot larger...


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