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Re: X1 Transmission help

Originally Posted by Zlash03 View Post
Yeah, I've searched the internet for hours. Nobody seems to have them. Checked every single pocket bike website, even the scammy ones. Tried banggood and ali, nothing. I even went back to the guy I bought it from and he said he doesnt have the parts. I messaged 3 sellers on ebay, 1 got back saying theyre out of stock and they put an insane price on it to keep the listing up like I said they do higher up the thread. They said they'll be in stock in a few weeks and lower the price, but I doubt it. The last time that seller sold one was in April 2016. And if that seller can get them, whos making them and selling them to this single ebay seller and nobody else on the planet??? Seems fake.

Think I'm totally out of options. If anyone has one I'm more than willing to work out a deal for it.
I cant figure out why a seller would waste money on a listing but I giess they have their reasons....

Have you tried ali-baba?

Like I said the gov't is cracking down....Most of the sellers pulled the CVT transmissions apart and made more $$$ selling the guts also to mention the motorized bicycle guys are buying them up like hotcakes......

The other day we lost another supplier which was Fancy Scooters..Its now labeled as "Permanently Closed"...If anyone was gonna have one or be able to get one it would be them..

I have another option too but i'd have to PM them to see if theyre able to still help as they were at one time a huge supplier of pb parts.

Soon we will all be forced to go back to oldschool minibikes......LOL

You can buy a scooter transmission and add a jackshaft....

Your other choice in all of this is to flip the engine and rear tire 180* and use what you have..

Good Luck

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