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Re: 49cc mini Harley chopper scooter

Originally Posted by MrKitty View Post
you know more then me so i know you can do it faster as well...

i can do it fast and get it finished i mean whats the rush for me i like to bull sh1t with people hell it takes me an hr to get a spark plug i got to talk to the parts girl and flirt with her and goto the bearing house and bs with them guys then the small engine shop **** i would love to just live in that place LOL we live the slow life out here in ID nothing gets done fast its funny people from cali come up here and then they try to get the car fixed or something LMAO if you want to live the fast life here you better have two cars it will take you 3 hrs just to get your oil changed at the jiffy lube its relaxing no one cares to much about the time what doesnt get done today might get done tomorrow thats what people say took me a long time to adjust from the seattle city life myself but now that i have i like it
Huh;-I cant follow your logic although your rant was quite entertaining...,,,


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