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Re: Need a little wiring help

Originally Posted by markek View Post
Thanks Cam.

I did wire in a new keyswitch awhile ago. I will check that and post a pic.

I'm thinking somewhere down the line this points to USER error (me)!
The chinese are crafty...They use the same color wires both ways and create so much confusion its ridiculous...Its mostly due to importing rules....

Lost try bypassing the safety interlocks where you have to squeeze the rear brake handle to get it to e-start and they try wiring in a brakelight then they lose the key and twist all the wires together to hotwire it which shorts almost everything out in a flash..........Light bulbs included aswell as sometimes the coil.....

Im gonna look for my wiring diagrams and if you can do the intital wiring and charging system working you cab then add in on a asperate fuse the headlight/taillight then the blinkers and not be as hard or problematic as you see...........

It will be quick and youll also have firsthand knowledge on how everything works and is routed....


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