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Re: New to little bikes.

Originally Posted by Darkhorse526 View Post
Lol my wife should take a lesson from yours, lol. Last time I brought a part into the house she flipped. Of course it isnt everyday she would find a honda 4stroke generator engine in the bathtub but sheesh, she acted like I used her crystal to measure battery acid or something. I'll give her credit though, last time we went camping I caught, killed, skinned and cleaned a rattlesnake. Cooked it with honey and sesame seeds and shared with the kids. She's a vegetarian so it must have been unnerving for her to watch.

Some just dont fathom ever seeing vehicles and autoparts inside a house...Some get quite shocked but if she needed to bring a sick pony in the house Im sure you'd be accomodating…

Eventually all homes need to be upkept and I do yearly maintainance on the outside,spring clean every year and usually re-do the interior every 4 years so It would suck to throw away stuff that looked pristine....LOL

When they get too worn out looking its easier to knock them down and rebuild them....This was my grandmothers then became my mothers house now its divided with 2 brand new homes.....LOL

Im sure your wife was ok with the snake being utilized for food....Im sure if you ever saw what twisted and painful stuff vets have to subject to certain animals you'd probably question yourself carefully before ever really crossing her also to mention actually know the true stiffness of her backbone.......LOL

I know chicks raised on farms where nothing they see shocks them..Not even this....LOL

One time my friend brings his son to one of my old houses where I had a basement full of motorbikes aswell as a motorcycle dyno ...The kid didnt seem impressed....

He pulls out his phone and googles up this guy named Mike Metzger to 1up me....

I proceeded to pull out my scrapbook from the college days back in the mid 90's where I had a motorcycle workshop on the lower level of my townhouse in the living and dining rooms way before that guy gained notoriety on MTV and right around the time the kid was born....LOL

I had a customer who had a bedroom just for his prized possession;- his car...….LOL..It was a Gullwing 54 Mercedes..It won many awards...

He had this specially made lift that raised the car on a carpeted platform up into the room above the garage where there was walls full of pictures and ribbons also shelving full of awards...….
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