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That lil yami 80 looks like a sick little bike. I kick myself all the time for letting my kx80 go. One of the most fun of all my previous bikes. Certainly not the most powerful but for its weight it had some balls. I had an 80s yami 250 4stroke that was a beast too. All white fenders was my indication that it was early 80s at best. It was all hopped up by someone who left it in pieces. I got it for free and with no manual, no google and some basic hand tools I pieced it together and it would spank some two strokes even though it was twice the weight. Both bikes would wheelie in lower gears without popping the clutch (which back then was unlikely). I cant remember how many times I got rolled up by police for ripping around town. Luckily I was like 14 so they'd give me an ear full and make me walk it home, lol. Now all my bikes wheelie pretty easily. Not sure if I just honed my skills or if my mechanic work improved. My crf does it all the way up into 3rd.
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