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Re: Apc chopper rear wheel spacers

Originally Posted by Johnnymerk808 View Post
Thanks I will keep you updated. So then I believe It goes, starting from brake side,18mm, 60mm inner wheel, 18mm between the wheels, 60mm inner wheel, and then 25mm on the sprocket side.

3/16 - 3/8" spacer between the wheels

The locking sleeve slides onto one whole side of rim hub then the other side just locks into the triple splined end on the other rim hub side....

If you don't put the locking sleeve to lock both rims together when you lean to the left the rightside rear wheel is going to lift , spin then re-gain traction harshly when it pivots back causing a lot of unneeded stress on those three thin little M5 screws holding the rear sprocket on.

Good Luck

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