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Re: Ebay 47 or 49cc motors?

Originally Posted by 2004YZFR1 View Post
I worked on my bike again today. I drained the fuel and went and got some fresh super and mixed the oil 50.1 for the first time. It took long time to get it started. I just put the chock on and didn't give it any throttle. After it finally started I ran it for a minute or so on the choke and then turned it off and let it idle for a minute. Then it did the rev up and die thing again. I tried to get it to run again. And after bunch of sweating and cussing I drained the fuel again and pulled off that new Amazon carb.

I pulled my old stock carb apart again and cleaned it and blew it all out again. I reinstalled it on my bike added fuel again. And after about 3 pulls it fired up. I ran it on the chock for a minute then let it idle for about 2 minute or so.

Then me and my son rode it for about 20 minutes. It lives again!! My new plug comes in on Monday so I will install that and see how it goes. Hopefully I can ride it for awhile and then put my body work back on and post a video on this old little bike.

Everyone has been super cool on this site and helpful!
Awesome to hear you didnt give up and got it running...Thats a pretty clean looking bike.........

This engine had low runtime of about 25 minutes before it stalled and they couldn't get it started then chucked it in the shed and forgot about it until they sold the house and were cleaning out the shed but as you can see it kinda sat in the wrong spot for those 10 years he said it was in there..........

The old owner was surprised when I didnt care of it ran of not I just needed it as a whole to revive and modify........Had it been started it wouldve ran very crappy..


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