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the reed inducted CAG engines downfall is the reeds it wont like running at high RPM for extended time the reeds will warp and you will be on the side of the road flipping them a lot (in seattle and spokane the scooter speed limit is 18MPH so it wont matter but in Cali i think its 30mph (call the police and ask on this) so you want the piston ported engine like the one you have...

you can get a euro engine but how phat is your wallet ??? euro race engines are exspeisve both to get and run.

you can put a 2 peace head kit on that once you become a advanced builder you can do a head chop...

The other thing is the CAG engine puts out less power then the Piston ported engine so you have to put more into it to get the same power output... ...

Faster then a speeding E Revo

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