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i dont understand where your going with this?? the 49cc piston port engine (the one the uberscoot comes with) is one of the biggest of the china engines

the onley way to go bigger is to do major modifications to the uberscoots transmission and mounting system and buy a real race engine and all this stuff is going to cost more than $300

People that are doing scooter engine swaps are starting off with scooters that have the small engines like 33 to 40cc and then they will swap in an engine like the one that's on your Uberscooter or they will use a CAG engine that's a little bit smaller then the Uberscoot engine and then mod it

please stop spamming the site with requests to buy an engine that does not exist.... you have started enough Threads about your Uberscooter now please use your existing threads don't worry everybody that uses this site will see your posts...

Faster then a speeding E Revo

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