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Re: Apc chopper rear wheel spacers

Originally Posted by Ecoop3r View Post
Cam2 can you tell me how deep you cut the slots on the locking spacer? I cut some on the threaded conduit coupling that you have linked in this post and itís kinda wobbly and when put together the spacer has play and isnít locking the wheels

The slots are pretty minimal... 1/4" on each side of the spacer..When the wheels are set and tightened the spacer should be equally as tight as the bearing pre-load against the rims...

Do you have a spacer between the dual wheels?....

If you do it should only be like the thickness of maybe 3/16 - 3/8" depending on how far recessed the bearing is cut into the rim hub...

Just enough space so both rim hubs barely touch together and will still add clamping pressure on the wheel hub bearings...

If your rimhub halves are a lil anemic due to being manufactured by a different company etc you can buy a small 6"piece of conduit pipe and cut it the same size as the spacer and recut the slots ..

On most rims a simple piece of conduit pipe itself works better than the coupler except for the 36v electric models..........

Good Luck

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