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Just picked this up, it has been sitting in my grandpas barn for over 5 years and i’m not sure what it is or anything about it.
I need help identifying for fuel mixture and some advice on starting as was bought without key
My pocket bike, resurrected from the grave! Stripped of plastics, frame powdercoated blue, front forks and rear swing arm powdercoated black. New motor, modified clutch, speed carb, led headlight and taillight, rockstar can muffler rear
2019 cag 44mm engine 2pc head kit pro jet rep exhaust stock 3 shoe clutch lightweight flywheel full circle crank carbon 3 stage reed kit dellorto rep carb with a #74 jet
Almost bought. Not sure of the frame, looks different. Sold before the guy answered me. Anyone know what it is???
You always need a backup...LOL
Another actual budget build for the books...
Twin 40mm piston ported engines approximately 4.5hp each
A real actual budget build.........
2019 Kxd Kxd pro
2020 ExtremePowerUS 40cc Gas Pocket Motorcycle 4-stroke Engine (Lime Green)
2019 Pocketbike Planet RRZ 3 (White)
1998 Blata Elite 11W (Red)
2003 GRC GP Racing (Red & White)
2009 yongkang luyuan 49cc (red)
2000 Pocketbike Planet Chopper (Black)