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  1. C1 Liquid Cooled Pocket Bike
    I got this bike second hand and I'm just trying to find where to get a new wiring harness or some more information about this bike if anyone could help I have looked up fighter rr, x22 super pocket bike and still can't find much about it it's 110cc automatic 4 stroke electric start
  2. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    Hello, I have been reading many posts off this site recently and decided to go ahead and make an account for you have some questions. I am new to the whole Pocket bike world, but I am very interested. I bought what i presume to be an X7 110cc Pocket bike. It is a kick start and the only thing...
  3. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    Hey guys I have a x8 pocket bike with a 50cc automatic engine. I found a 110cc fully manual with a kick starter and was just wondering if it will fit and line up with the motor mounts. I'm pretty sure there are some 110cc x8s out there that I've seen online. So please help me out guys.
  4. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    Hey guys I ran into a little problem when I tried to install my carburetor today. I'm working on a 4 stroke x7 pocket bike. The original carburetor has a cable choke but the one I ordered has a lever so that's probably the problem but i would rather have the carburetor with the lever because the...
  5. 4Stroke Midbikes
    so the other day my throttle cable end fell off [my fault] and got sucked into the engine bending the intake valve slightly. now i took the head off cleaned and polished everything! like a boss. heres my question; when the pistons at TDC and the cam gears at tdc; in what position will the cam...
  6. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I took my tranny Case off to repaint it.Didnt really pay attention on how i took it apart.after i put it back on i cant switch gears anymore.It works with out the case on but once i put everything together it just doesnt switch gears.(can someone help me and show how to put it on right? if its...
  7. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    Thnx to some guys on here that supplied me with a wiring diagram i managed to get the gauges and horn working.Now i cant seem to get the motor to turn over and since i cant seem to pull the kickstart of my spare bike, im wondering if anyone has any idea whats goin on? is my electric start...
  8. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    Hi all, ive just recently aquired an X22 Super Pocket Bike that i know will run as soon as i can get a new carb for it. The one i have now leaks gas from the bowl in the carb where the float is and such because there isnt a proper gasket keeping it all in. I was wondering if you all had any...
  9. Midbikes / Superbikes
    Hi, Im new to this forum) but i know about pocket bikes. Basicly i have an older x1 bike with its 49cc engine, but the engine is CRAP! It cant idle (gasget issue) but it'll do 35mph. Im thinkin of buyin a 125cc lifan (im tryin to keep the prices low so if there is a better/less expensive engine...
  10. General Pocketbike Discussion
  11. General Pocketbike Discussion
    I am looking for a cheap 110cc pocketbike. I am 15 and am wanting one that i will use my money from working at the commisary on the army post. So please throw me your cheapest bike doesnt have to be in excellent condition.' I want to customize my bike to make it match my uncles bike it looks so...
1-11 of 16 Results