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  1. Razor MX650 modifications

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    Hey there folks!!! I just bought 2 new 650's that should arrive by Friday. Im excited to introduce my 12YO daughter to the world of dirt biking via this product. I have been reading some of the older threads (2004-2006) that discuss upgrading the batteries to increase ride time and power...
  2. How to get an alternator to charge my bike while running?

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    I was wondering where I can purchase an alternator to charge my battery while running. I've seen some bikes that charge themselves whilst running, I want that on my bike too and I'm pretty sure it's an alternator that does that. I'm new to this stuff, thanks! :)
  3. X19/x18 electric start problem

    4Stroke Midbikes
    Hi everyone i have a x19 super pocket bike and i am living in the uk my problem is that when i press the starter button all i get is one click and a while back i was being 'smart' and tried jumping my starter with a fully charges 12v battery straight to the starter i connected positive to red...
  4. battery has life!?

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    Is there any way to check if your battery is good or bad without buying the charger? i heard it was possible to make a charger too, is that right? none of my electronics work.:(
  5. pb200 wont charge

    Electric Pocketbikes
    I picked this up for free and then bought another razor dirt bike that has a good charger with it. I hook up the charger to the dirt bike and the light goes red for charge. I hook it up to the pb200 and the light stays green. left it for 24 hrs and no change. when connected it powers up the...
  6. throttle hook-up/battery size??

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    i just got a ninja ultra x-8 pics to come.. i need a diagram of some sort explaining how to install throttle cable to carb, not-so mechanically inclined... also which battery do i need for it... i cant seem to find the cables that attach to the batt. cause i have old scooter batteries i would...