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  1. Why hello ladys and gentlemen-Maryland

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    Hi my name is justin and I really want to get into pocketbikes I wanted one all my life but they got more expensive and I am not experienced in driving a manual/cluch. 15 years old but I listen well and I would appreciate it if you guys would help me in the future. -Justin A.K.A The----->...
  2. Michigan Residents: Gratiot Cruise 2011

    This isn't strictly for michigan residents just to clear that. This Sunday (August 7th) is the Gratiot Cruise taking place between 14 and 16 mile road on Gratiot Ave. I'm planning on taking my bike up there after I paint it throughout this week and was wondering if anyone had brought their...
  3. PS3 Users Welcome!

    I'm usually on my Playstation 3 when I'm not at work or riding/working on my bike. So I thought it'd be fun to make this thread. I a big fan of Call of Duty so you will probably catch me on Black Ops or chillin watching Netflix if you add me. My PSN is : xR3Y-_-BeAsTx so feel free to add me...