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  1. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    Hey All, After deciding to enjoy life a little more, I had my first go on hired MiniMoto in May. I found it hilarious and frightening at the same time. Been looking forward each week to go again. After a couple months and listening to everyones advice that having my own bike will really improve...
  2. Water Cooled Pocketbikes
    I have a chinese copy of a Blata W50, it currently has a sprocket to suit what I believe to be the smallest chain available. I've had bad experiences with these chains (exploded on me and didn't work until I bought the next size up) and as such I would definitely like to run a larger chain...
  3. European Pocketbikes
    A couple weeks back when I first rode, the bike would start up slow then the clutch would grab and the bike would rev and pick up speed( I love that feeling). After some minor tuning the past weeks, I had trouble keeping the bike in idle from a cold start so I upped the idle. I believe the...
  4. General Pocketbike Discussion
    The 2.5's clutch cover should be able to come off by removing the 4 bolts right....? lol Been trying to get the clutch cover off, but no luck. Sort of like its glued to the engine. Anyone have clever suggestions on how to remove?
  5. General Pocketbike Discussion
    so i got my son a X18 bike, he was learning how to do clutch up wheelies. the ball on the clutch cable snapped so i got a new cable. i put the cable on and now without pulling the clutch in it will go into gear and lunge forward and die, i took the cable off and even without the cable hooked up...
  6. 4Stroke Midbikes
    So my x19s clutch lever is very easy to pull in the clutch. If I can buy a full clutch setup, I'll do it. I was wondering where to find stock/performance clutch springs? Also gaskets
  7. Minimotards, Mini Dirt bikes & Mini Quads
    I have have a 49cc mini quad, motor is what comes in a cag. I looked at the clutch(just in mind i just bought it) and the keyhole lock is missing, reason why it was not running. Now this clutch does come and crank does come with it but its missing. Where can i find a clutch keyhole lock? or do i...
  8. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    I am new to the world of pocket bikes. Until my brother picked one up at a garage sale the other day. We got it to start but there is no power to the wheel. We replaced the clutch which has two arms but that didn't help. Still barely spins the back wheel when it's not on the ground. When it's on...
  9. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    Hey guys my chain is rubbing on my swingarm piviot bolt. It makes a loud metallic rubbing noise on deceleration. My chain is properly aligned and adjusted but it's still rubbing. What do you guys think it is?
  10. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    Hey pocket bike plant, I need some help again. So recently I bought a X7 as is off of craigslist for $120, and got it running. The problem is I'm hearing a loud grinding sound and I'm almost positive it's coming from the clutch. Does anyone have a guide how to replace the clutch on a 49cc X7...
  11. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I have a 2007 X19 FB549 that I have recovered after being abandoned from 2009 till June of 2013. I had a friend help me with the carb and other things with it in order to get it running and we got it running. The problem I have now it that when I turn the ignition key to on and press the...
  12. 2Stroke Midbikes
    i have a l7b pocket bike from daymak, and it takes forever to get to max speed. i need someone to tell me what to fix or aduist so that the clutch can work faster and it gets to top speed faster. thanks guys
  13. Water Cooled Pocketbikes
    Is there any places in the las vegas area that i can get a clutch to fit my blata b1?
  14. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I ordered a hydraulic clutch from ebay for my 110cc x18.It came without and fluids in it and i have no clue on how to bleed it.Help?:confused:and does it matter if its D O T 3 or D O T 4?all help is appreciated.:thumbsup: The one i bought is exactly the one one the picture.
  15. General Pocketbike Discussion
    So i bought a bike for $65, so far it's had many problems, they include: it leaks petrol out of the carb, for some reason black liquid gets into the clutch area, a lot of vibration, enough to unscrew the spark plug. Also when you go WOT the engine cuts and this is the same when you give it none...
  16. General Pocketbike Discussion
    Hi just wondering which is better a heavy duty clutch or a racing clutch i want to get 2 one for a 47cc cag and one for a wildfire 50 mini dirt bike both clutches are the same price iam looking for the one that will give best speed from start and has the best torque???
  17. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I bought a new carb for my 49cc cateye, but all it does is idle then when I give it gas and sit on it, it is very weak and bearly drives me. If I pick it up it spins the wheel. I I tuned it 2.5 turns out. Any ideas? Is it a bad clutch?
  18. 4Stroke Midbikes
    I have an x18 just bout another. The new one is having some serious issues that have me very stumped. here it is... The bike will start and stay running. When you pull in the clutch and put it in first it will not move. This is the same with all the gears. Id love to hear suggestions to help me...
  19. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    Looking to get a new clutch bell housing with the front sprocket, a chain and rear sprocket. Wondering if I should get the housing with the third bearing, and what size chain and sprockets. I have a Cag (I think). My son and his cousins ride it on a dirt driveway with some small hills. They...
1-19 of 20 Results