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  1. New to this and need help finding a bike.

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    Hey Guys, I've been lurking on this forum for a while and reading about all of your bikes and the stories that go with them. I have always had the idea of buying a pocket bike in the back of my head, but now I'm getting serious about buying one, but I don't know what or where to buy! :confused...
  2. Building a Headlight Mount (Dirt-bike)

    The VIDEO Library
    Last Summer i purchased this Tomos Tx50, i have been restoring/fixing it. This Weekend i made a headlight mount for it, i will be using the dynamo that is inside the engine. :thumbsup:
  3. Need help please

    New to PocketBikePlanet? Star With an Introduction
    Well hello, I'm new here and just need a little help. I had bought a KXD-504, it's just a cheap, little Chinese mini dirt bike and I've already had many issues with it. The main issue is the pull-start, which is my only problem now. I've had to replace it twice and I've only rode it around 4...
  4. MX500 Work in progress...

    Electric Pocketbikes
    Here are some changes I recently made to one of my MX500's. Its still running a 36V stock controller and 500W motor. I replaced the rear sprocket with custom cut 100t from Rebel Gears, and the motor sprocket with a 13t. Overall it has decent speed and enough torque to pull me and my sons...