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  1. Electric Pocketbikes
    For the better part of half a year I was running my razor mx500 with a 48v 20ah lithium ion battery pack, modded stock speed controller and 36v 800w motor, until the motor went thermonuclear. I recently upgraded to a 48v 1800w brushless motor and speed controller in hopes of better reliability...
  2. Electric Pocketbikes
    Alright alright alright... it's in and functional! Mx500 with 48v 20ah lithium ion battery pack is now sporting a 48v 1800w brushless motor and speed controller! Buuuuut.... it's acting weird. I got it on high setting (tried all 3) and upon hard acceleration it almost acts like a car with a...
  3. Electric Pocketbikes
    Ive decided i want to start salvaging razor electric bikes that need work, buying them second hand from people who dont know how to fix them or just dont want to for cheap and upgrading them to resell to kids and adults for about what they sell for in stock condition in good shape. The builds...
  4. Electric Pocketbikes
    Cafe racer 650 (CX650) list of mods: - Tektra levers (electric brake delete) - 650W motor - 7.5" adjustable rear shock/stiffer spring - Shortened rear frame - Plastidip wheels - Shaved lower chain guard - Exposed rear sprocket - Low rise bars - Enduro headlight - Performance grips - MX650 seat
  5. Electric Pocketbikes
    Hi guys, i have a 49cc gas pocket bike, but i'm interested in the electric ones. I would like to know if these electric bikes are worth they buy. I like the setup with the 500W, and 36V. I'm considering this one from daymak http://www.daymak.com./monza/e-f2.php i might get it tommorow. Please...
1-5 of 5 Results