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  1. I broke the motor mounts off 2 engines.

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    I have broke off the mounts on 2 engines. Right now I have the motor zip tied in. Can I fix them? i can't find a crankcase anywhere.
  2. Need some help with a Cateye

    New to PocketBikePlanet? Star With an Introduction
    Hello all, I'm new to the pocket bike world. I've done some work on minibikes before using a 212cc 4 stroke engine. I recently picked up a cheap 49cc 2 stroke cat-eye bike and I was looking to do an engine swap. Was wondering if this engine would work for it, or if I would need to mods. Thanks...
  3. X19 Problems, need help. Carb issues and engine jolts

    4Stroke Midbikes
    I have an x19 with a performance carburetor, Race C.D.I, air filter, and spark plug. I don't know why but sometimes when I give it a little throttle, it boggs down like it's going to stall. It will also do it if I give it all of the gas at once. I sometimes have to ride the clutch to get it...
  4. engine problems

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    So i bought a bike for $65, so far it's had many problems, they include: it leaks petrol out of the carb, for some reason black liquid gets into the clutch area, a lot of vibration, enough to unscrew the spark plug. Also when you go WOT the engine cuts and this is the same when you give it none...
  5. Pocketbike piston ring problem?

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 47cc pocketbike and the thing hasn't been starting for over a year. I opened up the engine today and saw that both the piston rings were missing. Would this be the problem to why it won't start? The carb was gone bad so I bought a new one and replaced it. I tried pulling on it...
  6. X1 49cc to 125cc help and sugestions plz!

    Midbikes / Superbikes
    Hi, Im new to this forum) but i know about pocket bikes. Basicly i have an older x1 bike with its 49cc engine, but the engine is CRAP! It cant idle (gasget issue) but it'll do 35mph. Im thinkin of buyin a 125cc lifan (im tryin to keep the prices low so if there is a better/less expensive engine...
  7. New pocket bike suggestions?

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    Okay so i recently bought this pocket bike, i paid a guy on craigslist 144 for it a random number i know, but i need a few opinions and some information about it. Heres what i know: It is a 2- stroke Has turning signals (dont work) HAD brake lights has electrical start He upgraded the...
  8. Engine problems. Need help! Please!

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    Okay so I bought a GP MX3 from a friend that now has four wheelers and stuff for only 100 bucks. It was in his shed for the past few years so it is in good condition.. I cleaned it up and got it running good. I decided to buy some stiff online from pocketbikeparts (grips, rocket key, carbon...