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  1. Blata 2.5 Fairing Rubbing!

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    On a Blata 2.5, the lower / front fairing assembly, aside from the two bolts on either side, is there any other hardware that keeps the fairing in place and prevents it from moving? The issue I’m having is that the front wheel is rubbing the lower V section of the fairing. This can’t be normal...
  2. cateye fs509 left side fairing?

    I have a cateye fs509. The left side fairing bolts up to the bike fine, but the lip on it where the front fairing bolts to it snapped off. Is there a way to fix this problem, or mod the bike so that the front fairing does not need to bolt on to the side fairings? Or, is there anywhere that...
  3. will an x18 fairing kit directly fit on an x15?

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    hi guys i have an x15 with some beat up fairings i was wondering if i can get the x18 fairing kit to work because i really like the way it looks.
  4. x7 front fit in x18

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    him im sooooo new to this pocket bike....just recently got a x18 but i wanted to change the front of it....wanting 2 lights instead of having just one...i really like the looks of x7 but dont want to buy them until i know that it can fit on the x18...