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  1. Need some help with a Cateye

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    Hello all, I'm new to the pocket bike world. I've done some work on minibikes before using a 212cc 4 stroke engine. I recently picked up a cheap 49cc 2 stroke cat-eye bike and I was looking to do an engine swap. Was wondering if this engine would work for it, or if I would need to mods. Thanks...
  2. help me out plz

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    i gave my self this projet for the summer but i have no idea of what this bike is :( and im just whoundering if you guys whoud know what it is. and if you guys whoud know if i coud pout this engine ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/161793632792 ) in it becouse the moter that i have is in a milion pice...
  3. Break lines

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    where can I find longer break and throttle lines for my mini moto, I am customizing it for a more relaxed stance with longer forks and higher bars, locating a metal fuel tank and small better seat, but for this to work I need to get longer break and throttle lines to reach my higher bars- any...
  4. Wiring HELP!

    Gas Powered Scooters (Technical)
    I am new to this pocket bike scene. I got a beautiful Cat eye Pocket Bike X1 or X2.. A friend gave it to me free. I am in the Air Force and he was moving and didn't want to bring it with him. I stripped it down and painted it and made it look gorgeous. Here is the problem.. the wiring...
  5. Scariest experience in my life:O

    Midbikes / Superbikes
    Today i went to start up my x19 110cc stock pocketbike & ive had problems with this bike since i first got it, ive had to ride it with the choke on, if i put the choke down the bike shuts off and i could ride it, today i washed it made it clean with soap & stuff and i left it to dry and 2 hours...
  6. Need help please

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    Well hello, I'm new here and just need a little help. I had bought a KXD-504, it's just a cheap, little Chinese mini dirt bike and I've already had many issues with it. The main issue is the pull-start, which is my only problem now. I've had to replace it twice and I've only rode it around 4...
  7. Need a repair man for x18 pocket bike

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    I tested everything to get my x18 pocket bike to work nothing brand new carb it has gas and it just won't start. Sometimes my kick start gets stuck and I cn switch gears without holding the clutch need somebody's help to fix it i had it running yesterday but now it won't start 410-980-7111
  8. sls-035 taillight help

    4Stroke Midbikes
    Ok so a few weeks ago I bought a used sls-035 and it has no taillight I have bracket and blinkers but no main tail light and I would like to have a complete bike with working lights and such but I cant seem to find one anywhere.If someone could help me it would be very thankful.
  9. what kind of bike do i have i dont know pleeezzz help me if u can text me 5409317949

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