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    Found this thing at a flea market for 40$ rebeaded the tires got it running and slapped a ghetto seat on there, looking to fix it up a bit more but I can't find any type of serial number or other way to id it, exhaust is nasty loud but the port is out the back so no exhaust I find fits it, the...
  2. General Pocketbike Discussion
    I bought this bike and need a chain for it. Does anyone know what bike this is? I got it for 90 dollars and it starts right up but the guy didn't know what type it was. Also I need to know the gas to oil ratio for this bike any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I bought a bike used, so it didn't have a lot of documentation, and I need help identifying it. The gas tank cover says "YNB Motors", if that means anything. It appears to replicate a ninja, but I'm not sure. There's a long number stamped onto the carb and engine block, and I could provide those...