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  1. Mini Choppers
    Thank you all for the amazing info on this site. Im still a bit confused on the exact wiring to bypass the igntion on my mini Harley Chopper APC. Can anyone please confirm: 1. Connect Two Oranges together to start the chopper (Black/White & Green are capped/left alone) 2. Connect...
  2. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    Hi, my sons X19 will not shut off with the key anymore. Lights shut off but the engine will not. Does anyone know what wire I can ground from the coil so I can put in my own switch to shut it off? Thanks all!
  3. Minimotards, Mini Dirt bikes & Mini Quads
    I have have a 49cc mini quad, motor is what comes in a cag. I looked at the clutch(just in mind i just bought it) and the keyhole lock is missing, reason why it was not running. Now this clutch does come and crank does come with it but its missing. Where can i find a clutch keyhole lock? or do i...
  4. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    Heyy guys, I'm here for one reason and that is that i have lost my pocket bike key...
1-4 of 4 Results