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  1. What can I get away with in VA with an x19

    Being that I am 16 with a permit, what can I get away with in Virginia with an x19? No cop is going to measure my cylinder so for all they know, I'm right 49cc. With full fairings and working lights, what can I get away with?
  2. Big place in sauga to ride?

    hey, i need a good place to ride, even a parking lot that nobody cares you ride on. yesterday like 3 police cars came looking for me because some stupi* idio* called the cops and said i was racing, and i got in alot of shi* by them but they said that they wont do anything except give me a...
  3. Legality in Ohio

    Hey guys, I am looking for a senior member to help me out here... I am writing a paper for my high school Government class that is will be sent to the legislatures and the Ohio government. The problem is that I need a credible "expert witness" to quote in my paper to advocate why pocket bikes...