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  1. Hi! I'm new to the scene!

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    Hey everyone, I picked up a Blata 2.5 this past weekend from a local. This is my first pocket bike and first 2 stroke motor. The bike is in good condition, but my plans for this pocket as of now are to replace some parts(wheel bearings, brakes, new bolts etc) to make it safe proof, then turn it...
  2. Need pocket bike in long island ny

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    hello i am located in deer park in long island i am looking for a pocket bike for 100$ or under close as that is all i have to spend im looking for something like a cag preferably:):D: PLEASE HELP
  3. Going out for a ride! (Helmet cam)

    The VIDEO Library
    Me and my friend going out for a ride after fixing my pocket-bike and minibike. Feel free to post cooment/questions about the video, Enjoy!
  4. New Guy Here!

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    Hello. Let me introduce myself by telling the story of my first Pocket-bike.This Summer i saw an X18 on Craigslist and decided to go check it out, the owner originally wanted $100. The Pocket-bike did not turn on (had spark)and needed some work, well i bought i negotiated down to $70 because it...
  5. Custom Z1

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    Finally figured out how to embed videos. :)