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  1. Razor MX650 modifications

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    Hey there folks!!! I just bought 2 new 650's that should arrive by Friday. Im excited to introduce my 12YO daughter to the world of dirt biking via this product. I have been reading some of the older threads (2004-2006) that discuss upgrading the batteries to increase ride time and power...
  2. Newbie with used Razor MX500

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    Hi What a great forum , a lot of information. i am newbie to all this. I was hoping someone can assist me. I read so many post and threads from all members here everybody always brings something to the table. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a member here that i am following his...
  3. Project CX650

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    Cafe racer 650 (CX650) list of mods: - Tektra levers (electric brake delete) - 650W motor - 7.5" adjustable rear shock/stiffer spring - Shortened rear frame - Plastidip wheels - Shaved lower chain guard - Exposed rear sprocket - Low rise bars - Enduro headlight - Performance grips - MX650 seat
  4. MX500 Work in progress...

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    Here are some changes I recently made to one of my MX500's. Its still running a 36V stock controller and 500W motor. I replaced the rear sprocket with custom cut 100t from Rebel Gears, and the motor sprocket with a 13t. Overall it has decent speed and enough torque to pull me and my sons...
  5. Charger Green Light Flashes On Off MX650

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    My stepson has a Razor MX650, new batteries and new charger. When I plug in the charger, the green light on the charger flashes on then off, repeatedly, the red light never comes on. Same thing happens when I use a friend's charger. The new batteries did not come with wires, so I cut and...
  6. New - need forum help

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and can't seem to post in the Electric Pocketbike forum. I get a message telling me I'm trying to access something called Club Pocketbike Planet, and I'm not a member. So, I'll post here for now: My stepson has a Razor MX650, new batteries and new charger. The...
  7. razor mx500 or mx650 bike lookin to mod.

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    Hi. i have a mx650 that i have been looking to fix up (its been 5 years since i bought this thing and i havnt really replaced parts that i needed to) and ultimately mod to increase performance. i have looked into this site and settled on swapping the stock 650w motor with a 750w motor(the...
  8. would this motor fit? mx500 mx650

    Electric Pocketbikes
    http://www.czbrushlessmotors.com/48v60v-750w-brushless-dc-motor-p-41.html I was wondering if this motor would fit on to the mx500 or mx650 bike. I was looking into making it 48v or 60v and coudn't find any other motor that would handle that voltage without overvolting(i've read that...