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  1. Newb Looking for help With my new bike

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    Hiya, Just purchased my bike today for $150. The seller didn't know what model it is only that the engine is 49cc. I'll post pictures first and if anyone can identify what bike/model it is and then answer my questions I'd appreciate it. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet That's three...
  2. New to pocket bike

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    I just bought a pocketbike :) . I need to know what model it is and how much it goes for , I didnt pay much the bike looks new and everything , let me know what you guys think thanks manny
  3. new to forum, looking for bike

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    So I am looking for a new bike that I can get for under $450(around $300-$350 if possible). I dont need anything super fancy because i dont plan on racing but i want something to have some fun on. I dont want to order something and have it break in a month or so after i get it so I am wondering...
  4. Lucky 7 suplier

    hey guys Im new on this site, we are starting the whole pocket bike racing thing in south africa! :D the motorsport is growing very fast with over 50 people at a nationals thats racing. I want to import the lucky 7 bike, do they still manufacture it? Where can i get? Any one has contact details...
  5. Hey Guys, New here, Unknown Bike!!

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    Hey Guys, Im new to this forum! So i've just bought from a car boot, a nice little Mini Moto, well I'm not quite sure what it is. I've got it home, and it runs a beauty, but I have no idea what make, model, number, nothing about it. Can anybody help me here, what is it?