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  1. Newb here, buying first bike

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    I am buying my first bike this week and there are several that i am looking at, what is an acceptable price for a good condition APC X1, and a good condition X7 2 stroke that has a crack in the rear body panel but comes with a replacement ?
  2. What's up? Newb needs help!

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    I'm getting this blata 2.5 in a trade Saturday and i know to look for blata in the casting on the motor...what else should i look for? And the guy said it comes with some kind of co2 kit? Looks like a air filter with a tube running to a trigger to shoot co2 in...what exactly is that? What's it...
  3. Help identifying bike

    Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I bought a bike used, so it didn't have a lot of documentation, and I need help identifying it. The gas tank cover says "YNB Motors", if that means anything. It appears to replicate a ninja, but I'm not sure. There's a long number stamped onto the carb and engine block, and I could provide those...
  4. Hello pbp!!! Newb here

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    Hey wats going on. Names Ryan new to the site. I have a bike and im not sure of what it is. I kno its a 49cc. I got it from my girlfriends dad. He use to ride it around the drag strip. Said that it needed a little bit of carb work. So i said screw bought a new carb for it put it on. And it still...