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  1. GS-12 Abilities?

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    I mainly ride my GS-12 pocket bike in the desert/mountains here, and as such have not had the chance to push the limits yet. I have found that the speedometer is accurate (with the help of a friend pacing me on his full size quad), though it is limited to 30MPH, and I usually go a good bit...
  2. Help!

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    I want to buy a 22 carb for my x19 cr dominator cause my stock one has had sitting fuel for a while and I tried to take it off n clean it and it didn't help.. I don't know what to buy:confused:.. It started and ran for a minute but honestly, I'm not even sure I installed all the vacuume hoses...
  3. new guy needs help

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    Well iv been riding since i was in the 5th grade now im 19 and i still own my old mini bike i think its an 07 x15 i use to love this thing a nd now after moving frm 3 different states and several years forgotten im going to attempt to revive it now that i have a job and spare time it still has...
  4. Need performance parts and help

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    I just bought this bike and I want to make it go faster any ideas for up grades and I wanna Identify the engine
  5. Orlando Newbie

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    Just built my first mini- Nothing fancy, a little custom doodle bug topping out at just around 37 mph right now. Totally new, but totally hooked. Already grabbed a second frame and planning my next build now. Would love to connect with some mini-riders in the Orlando/Sea World area. Cheers to all
  6. cat eye fs509 and new resistor cap help

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    im restoring a cat eye fs509 and im completely new to it. i went to pocketbikeparts.com and searched parts for the pocket bike. it showed a ngk LB05F spark plug resistor cover and a ngk BM6A spark plug. so i ordered them both. now i took off the old spark plug cap and was trying to put new one...
  7. pocketbike newbie cat eye fs509 seat help

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    hows it goin guys. i just got this cat eye fs509 (found out it was a cat eye from this forum. thanks) i have taken it apart and got the rust off the frame. im getting ready to sand down some more and set the primer coats. i have been filling up my shopping cart on pocketbikeparts.com. im having...
  8. New PB Mom needing education...

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    Hello Everyone - I've joined this site in the hopes of obtaining information and education on pocket bikes. I bought a cag 43cc for my daughter and just trying my best to find my way around, ask questions, learn, etc .... better educate myself too when having to deal with technicians &...
  9. Hey guys im new

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    Whats up guys. The names jason, im 19 and just got my first pocket bike yesterday. Its pretty sweet minus a few imperfections like a gas leak, broken peg which a new set is on the way, and no fairings or chain cover. Im super excited to finally own one and i enjoy it so much. I plan on getting a...
  10. Help identifying bike

    Air Cooled Pocketbikes
    I bought a bike used, so it didn't have a lot of documentation, and I need help identifying it. The gas tank cover says "YNB Motors", if that means anything. It appears to replicate a ninja, but I'm not sure. There's a long number stamped onto the carb and engine block, and I could provide those...