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  1. Electric Pocketbikes
    Alright so I got a mx500 with 3 12v 18ah batteries that ended up with a short in the stock motor. I went ahead and ordered an 800w 36v replacement motor already and will be running it off my bridge modded mx500 speed controller. With that said I'm curious what range you can play in when it...
  2. Electric Pocketbikes
    My 9 year old cousin has a Electric blue razor. He’s a maniac and wants it to go faster, I told him it’s possible with the right guidance. Can someone suggest parts and leave step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade it? I’d greatly appreciate it.
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    Hey there folks!!! I just bought 2 new 650's that should arrive by Friday. Im excited to introduce my 12YO daughter to the world of dirt biking via this product. I have been reading some of the older threads (2004-2006) that discuss upgrading the batteries to increase ride time and power...
1-3 of 4 Results