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  1. Is there a wiring diagram for an x19 speedometer or gauge cluster?

    4Stroke Midbikes
    Need a wiring diagram for the x19, x18, and x15 speedometer/gauge cluster. thanks,
  2. Any tachometer/speedometer combos? (for x19)

    4Stroke Midbikes
    I have an x19 and want the venom Motorsports style gauge cluster. Was wondering if and where I could get one like it. Thanks,
  3. x15 speedometer problems

    4Stroke Midbikes
    Hey guys I have an x15 and it runs great. But the speedometer does not work at all. Nor does the gear light indicator. The battery gauge also does not work. So i followed the wires and they are not connected anywhere. And there are no other loose ends where i can connect them? How can i get...