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  1. Water Cooled Pocketbikes
    I have a chinese copy of a Blata W50, it currently has a sprocket to suit what I believe to be the smallest chain available. I've had bad experiences with these chains (exploded on me and didn't work until I bought the next size up) and as such I would definitely like to run a larger chain...
  2. Water Cooled Pocketbikes
    I'm not sure how, but my kid talked me into porting and polishing his BZM motor.. am part way through polishing the intake side of the engine cases at the minute and doing a fair bit of clean up.... I'll post more pics as I go... Anyone know of any particular do's or don'ts specific to...
  3. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    after some chaos i finally got my bike running. after some top speed runs and cruising i looked down and saw a **** ton of what i thought was smoke. it ended up being one of the water hoses that melted open, letting the water touch the hot pipe. when i got it back home it was hissing and...
1-3 of 3 Results