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  1. X1 complete rewire

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    New here, yo yo! I have an X1 in ok shape. No electrical, lots of wires though. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried a complete rewire? Like has anyone gotten a generic harness like this, and successfully hooked it up? I'm also considering, just ripping it all out. Thanks in advance...
  2. Mini ATV pull start

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    My mate has passed his mini pull start quad to me. I am working on it, but there is no wiring or battery with it. The only wire I can see is coming from by the pull start, running alongside the spark plug cap. Can anyone give me any indication what this is for and if the quad defiantly...
  3. X19 won't start - ignition problems

    4Stroke Midbikes
    So, a few weeks ago my x19 ran perfect. The only mods I did to it were ngk plug, 22mm carb, cdi, air intake, good battery, and the fuse has been wired together. It was at my mom's because I moved to a different state. I asked her to start it once a week because carburetor. When I came back it...
  4. Is there a wiring diagram for an x19 speedometer or gauge cluster?

    4Stroke Midbikes
    Need a wiring diagram for the x19, x18, and x15 speedometer/gauge cluster. thanks,
  5. X7 Electric Start Wiring

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    I recently bought a pocket bike off craigslist, and the wiring harness is missing. I just have 2 wires coming off the ignition coil and one wire coming off the electric starter. I would assume the 2 wires coming off the ignition coil go to a kill switch. The wire off the starter goes the...
  6. Help with Pocket Bike Wiring!

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    I recently picked a cateye pocket bike up and the motor was dettached, all the wiring is good but only works when plugged in so im sure the battery is probably dead.. Problem i have is that there are two wires coming from the engine that are cut one red and one green shown in the picture. what...
  7. New to the world of pocket bikes!

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    Just traded a Zooma scooter that i fixed up for a Cateye pocket bike, the motor was detached from the bike and I got the fuel lines and everything attached besides a green wire and a red wire from the motor.. can someone help me and tell me what these are because i think they stopping the spark...
  8. Help with x18 wiring!!!!!

    Midbikes / Superbikes
    I have an X18 and i'm wanting to strip the wiring harness down to essitials. I won't ever need the lights and turn signals. Nor do I need to tell how fast i'm going or what gear I am in. I just want what is needed to start and run the bike. I heard something about using a klx110 wiring harness...
  9. wiring problems

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    i bought a bike, and it is in rough shape. the previous owners took all the lights and switches off the bike and put a toggle switch in to kill the ignition. the problem is i burned up the starter. to get the bike started i have to use the electric starter cause it wouldn't start with the recoil...
  10. Wiring Problem

    HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    I disconnected all of my wiring to my pocket bike. the person i bought it from before had some of it disconnected but i decided to disconnect all of it. after i did this, i realized that i need some of it to start it. i have no idea what wires go where and need help :(
  11. x18 pocket bike wiring

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    Hey my name is nathan, im new to the forum and thought id share the project i just picked up. A few weeks ago i bought a pocket bike(im almost positive its the x18) and all the lights and switch wires were cut(dumb ppl) so i ordered a wire harness off ebay and put it on the bike today. im...