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  1. 4Stroke Midbikes
    So, a few weeks ago my x19 ran perfect. The only mods I did to it were ngk plug, 22mm carb, cdi, air intake, good battery, and the fuse has been wired together. It was at my mom's because I moved to a different state. I asked her to start it once a week because carburetor. When I came back it...
  2. New to PocketBikePlanet? Introduce Yourself!
    x18 issues. New to super pocket bikes need manual or wiring diagram I have a x18 110cc pocket bike that i recently purchased but im not sure if the previous owner actualy wired everything right. I Just put in a new spark plug, battery is charged but my engine wont start even though it primes...
  3. HELP! Ask our shadetree mechanics
    I have been recently putting back together and X22. I redid the wire harness with an X18 wire harness. I got a wire diagram from SD Scooters that shows all of the plug ins for the x18. I plugged everything in and I get no "Power on anything"! I checked the battery and I am reading 12.71 Volts. I...
1-3 of 3 Results