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won't start

  1. X1 help

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    I have an X1 49cc bike. When I hold down the electric start the bike turns on but if you let go of the starter it shuts off. I read the rheas about adjusting the idle screws and tried that already and it still won't idle on its own. Cleaned the carb and fuel lines and nothing. What else should I...
  2. Cateye with new carb won't start

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    So I bought used 49cc Cateye pocket bike. It didnt start so I bought a new carb. Now it has a very hard time staring. It sounds like I wants to and then I stops. It has spark, compression is good, there are no air leaks, all gaskets are good. Also, when it does run and I give it gas it is too...
  3. cant get it to start!!!

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    okay so im new here would like to say hi everyone! now for my problem. i was given this pocket bike by a friend and i thought hey it would be a cool project. he hasnt been able to start it for years and has been sitting just as long. well, i charged the battery, and tried to start it that way...
  4. Help me get my x-15 running!

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    Last Saturday, everything I can think of electrical worked (horn, electric start). Didn't have a headlight at the time, so there was no way to check. I finally got a screw for the oil pan, so I've put new oil in it (10w-40), added a new spark plug, bought a 44mm air filter (is that the right...
  5. Where do I spray the starter fluid?

    General Pocketbike Discussion
    Hey guys, dumb question...but i just had an X2 pocket bike that was given to me repaired recently. (they just had to install the new igition switch, put the wires back together, they installed a new pull start, battery, and new carb). It ran for about a week or a little more. But was only...