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  1. X1 complete rewire

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    New here, yo yo! I have an X1 in ok shape. No electrical, lots of wires though. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried a complete rewire? Like has anyone gotten a generic harness like this, and successfully hooked it up? I'm also considering, just ripping it all out. Thanks in advance...
  2. The new guy!

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    Hey guys! My name is Jay and I just recently picked up two X1 pocket bikes within the same week. Always wanted a pocket bike when I was a kid but only got electric bikes like the razor mx500. Now that I'm old enough to buy my own it's time to have some fun! First one I got is a red one that was...
  3. My Projects for Summer

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    Well. Lets start off by saying I sold all my other bikes. I haven't had any for for awhile now. So I Bought 2 x1. Red one- $100.00 Red faded one (No motor)- $30.00 Both are getting 100% make overs. I will post the updates. First one getting done is the Red one. Then the Red faded one. Let...
  4. X1 help

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    I have an X1 49cc bike. When I hold down the electric start the bike turns on but if you let go of the starter it shuts off. I read the rheas about adjusting the idle screws and tried that already and it still won't idle on its own. Cleaned the carb and fuel lines and nothing. What else should I...
  5. Need a hand or some helpful advice

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    Have an x1 or x2 pocket bike not sure how to identify.. I have a cvt clutch and from my research it means i have the 49cc motor most likely.. Wanted to know basics on a port and polish, carb adjustment, WIRING DIAGRAM. The whole electrical system was a mess when i got the bike like 6 years ago...
  6. Pocket Bike From Craigslist?

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    Hi, so this is my first post. So I found a pocket bike on Craigslist for 200 bucks and he claims it goes 30 miles per hour and that it's an X1. Can anyone tell me what bike this is and possibly if it has problems? Or how can i test it for problems, when meeting with the guy? Need to know asap i...
  7. X1 Pocket Bike - Rear Wheel is locked

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    Hello All, So I have a X1 Red Pocket Bike that was sitting in the shed for about 2 years. I had it running before it was stored, this weekend I wanted to get it started. Of course the Battery was dead and I ordered one from FleaBay for $15. I thought I'd start it up with the GSmoon pull...